Security & Surveillance

Peace of Mind

At TOAD, your safety is paramount and peace of mind is priceless. Let us help you attain it with one of our custom security and surveillance solutions!

Your complete control systems seamlessly integrate with todayʼs most advanced safety and security provisions. With the single tap of a button on a touch panel you can lock exterior doors and activate security cameras and motion sensors. Video surveillance can be achieved via your Apple or Android device, providing a complete visual check of your home from almost any remote location.

If you have children home alone, your home automated security system can be programmed so that you receive notification when they arrive home from school, what time they come in or go out, if a medicine or liquor cabinet has been opened, or if a garage door has been left open. You can also set your preferences to limit access to whole house audio and video systems to allow time for homework or chores.

Ease of Operation

An easy-to-use, uncomplicated home alarm is essential when the entire family is involved in using the system. TOADʼs home automation system even provides video surveillance capabilities via the Internet, or through your Apple or Android device that offer you a complete visual check of your homeʼs interior and exterior while away.