Network & Wi-Fi

Network & Wi-Fi

Do you find yourself unproductive when you’re online? Is it due to poor internet speeds or even dropped signals? Perhaps your favorite streaming media is constantly being interrupted due to buffering? Well hopefully, your internet will stay intact long enough for you to read this paragraph because TOAD can help. There are a lot of things that can attribute to slow internet speeds for example insufficiently rated cabling. This is when your internet gear is providing data bandwidth and speeds that exceed the capacity of your cable causing a “bottle-necking” effect. Perhaps you are the victim of improper installation of your cabling. Common installation problems could be anything from not properly terminating the cabling causing hiccups in the data transfer, to installing the cabling too close to electrical wire, which would cause static and or frequent network hang-ups related to electrical magnetic interference. Fortunately, whatever the issue is TOAD has a technological solution that will help making sure that nothing will stand in the way of you and the world wide web.

Now let’s give you something to stand on. The foundation of any internet service is its infrastructure. A good infrastructure is essential to optimizing your network performance. Whether you are retrofitting an existing home or constructing a new one (See Structured Wiring) TOAD can configure a network that fits your lifestyle needs. Through the use of Wireless Access Points (WAPs), Routers/Switches, fiber, GX10, Cat6 and CAT 6 A+ cable and more TOAD will have you surfing the internet in no time.

Structured Wiring

Planning for the future is tough, but with TOAD it just got easier. When building a new home or building you are forced to make a lot of decisions. From structure to interior design the possibilities are endless, but there is one thing that is always certain, you want to protect your investment. At TOAD we offer structured wiring. Structured wiring is a way to Future proof a residential or commercial structure. It is about incorporating features into a home or office that will improve the quality of life now and ensure that the building maintains and improves its value for the future. It covers all kinds of things including:

  • The way you design your home
  • Products & materials chosen
  • Technology incorporated
  • Systems installed

Although we cannot forecast what technological advances will happen in the next 20 years, we can plan and achieve a “True Future Proof Home” through some simple foresight. An example of a future proof building would be to install the very fastest of communication cabling and a simple conduit system back to a central location that will allow new technology cabling for expansion of the system down the road. Structured Wiring bundles together all of a structure’s communications wiring and treats it as one wiring system. These bundles can include wiring for:

  • Networks
  • Telephones
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Alarms
  • Infrared remote controls

With structured wiring, each bundle of cables runs from a central location straight to an outlet that houses connections for each type of cable. There are no splices which can degrade the signal by picking up interference and noise. Technology is one of the fastest growing industries so don’t find yourself in a brand new home with an obsolete infrastructure. At TOAD we specialize in home technology solutions. If you let us, we can plan ahead so you won’t have to.