What We Do

TOAD offers a variety of smart home services and solutions for your home or business. We make every day and easy day.

Networking WiFi

Networking / WiFi

Always be connected with TOAD’s Networking solutions. We can help take control of all those unsightly wires with dedicated outlets where you need them and WiFi hot spots throughout the house.


With TOAD’s home automation solutions, you won’t just have a smart house. You’ll have the smartest house! Control all your lights, shades, temperature, music, and TV’s with the touch of a button on your smart phone. You’ll never need leave the sofa again… at least until you run out of popcorn.

Home Entertainment

Home Entertainment

Do you want the ultimate entertainment venu right in your own home? Look no further, TOAD can make you the envy of all of your friends with our home theaters and more.

Environmental Control

Make it easy to control the environment in your house. TOAD makes it easy to adjust the temperature and lighting inside your house automatically.

Home Security

Security & Surveillance

Get peace of mind with our home security solutions. Instantly know when someone is at the door and keep watch on your house when you are away from home right from your phone or tablet.