Structured Wiring

Planning for the Future

Future proof building is about incorporating features into a home that will improve quality of life now and ensure that the home maintains and improves its value for the future. It covers all kinds of things, including: the way you design your home, the products and materials you choose, the technology you incorporate, and the systems you install.

Although we cannot forecast what technological advances will happen in the next 20 years, we can plan and achieve a “True Future Proof Home” through some simple foresight.

An example of future proof building would be to install the very fastest of communication cabling and a simple conduit system back to a central location that will allow new technology cabling or expansion of the system down the road.

Structured Wiring bundles together ALL of a structures communications wiring and treats it as one wiring system. These bundles can include wiring for networks, telephones, video, audio, alarms, and infrared remote controls. With Structured Wiring each bundle of cables runs from a central location straight to an outlet that houses connections for each type of cable. There are no splices which can degrade the signal by picking up interference and noise.