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Thalassic Sanctuary

Perched on a cliff where the tide recedes for miles is where one would find this Brewster project. The builders of this new construction home paired up with TOAD to make this thalassic sanctuary even more tranquil. The ocean view from the back deck is mesmerizing, but as the night falls so does the temperature and the focus shifts to the outdoor fire pit.

The fire pit is illuminated with a state of the art Luxor lighting system. This Luxor lighting system, integrated by TOAD, not only controls the landscape lights via a mobile device, but allows complete control over the gas fire pit as well.

As the night comes to an end, head inside and stay cozy by accessing one of the ten heating zones that are controlled through TOAD’s Savant System. All the thermostats are installed in one hidden centralized location. Their temperatures are monitored by discrete discs camouflaged into the walls and selectively placed all around the house.

Also camouflaged, but this time into the ceilings, are 3” James Loudspeaker speakers. These speakers are selectively placed throughout the property allowing one to listen to Sonos playing their favorite music from practically any room in the house.

Before heading upstairs, take notice of the 55” Sony TV. TOAD installed this television with a Leon Tone case Fit, a custom grille used to incorporate a Sonos play bar into any entertainment system. So when the viewers sit down to watch any one of the three cable boxes, 2 apple tv’s or the Roku (all boxes accessible through any of the 4 televisions in the house) they will be blown away by the tastefully hidden audio system.

It’s time to head upstairs and retire for the evening. Before drifting away use TOAD’s Savant System to lock the front door and to take a glance at one of the many ICRealtime day/night cameras that TOAD has strategically placed around this property. No visitors, but don’t worry if there was, this house is equipped with Ring. A doorbell with a motion detector that alerts and allows two way video conversing from any PC, tablet, or smartphone.

So sleep tight for this is a smart home.

CE Pro

Even in this post-recession growth economy, Technical Operations And Development, or TOAD for short, has discovered that lean and mean is the best business model. And you can’t question their logic.

The Barnstable, Mass.-based two-person custom integration company successfully manages both over-the-top $300,000 projects and small subcontract installations for the cable company, all the while continuing to build its own reputation and value by selling 90 percent of its clients service agreements.

So how is that even possible? In a nutshell, you might say, it’s all about “command and control.”

“Commanding officer” Mark Hooper is the very definition of discipline. The former Navy SEAL drives himself to maintain focus and concentration despite suffering a career-ending injury in the military. That attention to detail can be seen vividly in TOAD’s projects, where the wiring and design are virtual perfection.

On the “control” side, systems engineer and right-hand man Peter Robbins has off-the-charts technical know-how to pull off even the most obscure client requests. Robbins’ technical prowess is so extreme he will, if necessary, hook directly into the motherboard of a particular component to get the desired control results, bypassing the available connections.

There is no better example of the symbiotic duo’s command and control business acumen than a recent $300,000 “mancave house” project that includes a golf simulator, multi-room audio, and the conversion of a regulation-size indoor basketball court into a giant theater. But we’ll get to that.

Jason Knott · June 15, 2016 · CE Pro Magazine