Energy Saving Solutions

At TOAD we make energy savings feel like an effortless part of your lifestyle. We surround you with comfort and convenience while providing you with a greener planet, a fuller wallet and a simpler life. TOAD simplifies your life by thinking green for you. With a TOAD Savant Smart Energy Home Automation System you will never have to worry about adjusting your heat or closing your shades because your Smart Home has you covered. So when that midday sun is blazing through your windows raising the temperature in your house, just sit back and relax because your Smart Home will react for you. It will close the shades keeping your home’s interior cooler, conserving energy and even protecting those expensive wood floors, artwork and furniture.

Shade control and temperature monitoring are only two of the many ways a TOAD Home Automation System can optimize the performance and efficiency of your heating system. Another method that TOAD uses to reduce energy costs associated with heating systems employs occupancy and weather sensors. These sensors reduce the demands of your heating, cooling and ventilation systems by regulating the thermostats and airflow levels based on outside temperatures or unoccupied space. Now think, how many rooms do you occupy at once? Imagine the energy savings if you only had to heat those rooms, now that is smart!

These same occupancy sensors can also be used to conserve electricity. They can determine whether or not a room is occupied and then shut off or dim your lights accordingly. By having TOAD dim your lights by 25% you can save up to 20% off of your energy consumption. On top of the 20% energy savings you will also extend the life of your light bulbs, which means fewer light bulbs will make it to the landfill and more money stays in your pocket.

Electricity can also be conserved by hooking up your electronic devices to your TOAD Home Automation System. TOAD’s home automation system will allow you to control these devices remotely via a mobile device. That’s right, you will never have to wonder about whether or not someone left the television on or the music playing because all you will have to do is take out your mobile device and check. Your TOAD Savant Smart Energy Home Automation System can not only help you save money by allowing you remote access and control over your heating and electrical system, but can also be setup to allow you to monitor your actual electrical usage. At TOAD we have many ways to help you go green. Call us today so we can find out what solution works best for you.

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