Go Green!

Going green and being environmentally friendly does not always mean switching to an electric vehicle or installing solar panels. Here are a few simple and less dramatic lifestyle changing ways to living more green.

Go Green!!

Smart Energy from Savant allows you to reduce energy consumption and save money, all without sacrificing comfort or convenience. Integrate weather sensors to activate lighting control systems, reduce demands on HVAC systems from the outside temperature, automated window controls, and remotely turn off smart home electronics to conserve energy.


Save energy while creating inviting and comfortable spaces. Dimming lights reduces energy consumption while extending light bulb life, which means fewer bulbs going to landfills. Reducing lights by 25% saves 20% on energy consumption. TOAD provides you with total lighting control by the ability to remotely check and control your home’s lighting status while away using your Apple or Android device.


You can set your heating and cooling system to coincide with the time of day, current season, outside temperature, or any other criteria that you decide upon. You can also integrate a combination of multiple thermostats, remote temperature sensors, and motorized window shades to ensure that energy costs are maintained at the lowest possible levels. Have TOAD install a Programmable Thermostat, which according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, can save you up to 30% on energy costs.


Homeowners today want to cut costs and protect the planet. With your new integration controls you can do both of those things. By electronically controlling your shades, you will be able to lower your cooling costs in the summer or keep warm in the winter by harnessing the sunʼs energy. This system reduces the demands of the heating and cooling systems by regulating the amount of natural light infiltration. TOAD provides you with total shading control by being able to remotely check and control shading status throughout the house while away from home using your Apple or Android device.

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